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Yacht ownership

We deliver more than expected.

With 7Pines Kempinski Yachting, we deliver your dream yacht to your desired location, with the desired domestic equipment and with all necessary documents, so that you can
enjoy the unforgettable feeling of freedom.

You’ll be spending your precious free time in a yacht built exactly to your specification, whose interiors reflect your personal taste, so it feels like a home away from home. Due to our long-lasting relationship with the Ferretti Group, we have fast and direct access to the manufacturer. You’ll benefit from our deep understanding of the market and our valuable experience. As an authorized dealer, we work with you to assemble your dream yacht, place the order at the manufacturer, handle all the complex processes of registration and admission. We’re there to help you at every step of the process.

We are there to support you

The experienced managers of 7Pines Kempinski Yachting will support you in selecting exactly the right product for you, negotiating the contracts and making sure that your experience is stress-free.

From the wide variety of yachts available, we identify your specific needs and exact requirements. This starts from length, space, crew members, technical equipment, internal and external design and so on. During this process, we keep your personal preferences and your fiscal interests top of mind to make sure you’re comfortable at all times and present you with all the information to make the best and most informed decision.

After all the required choices and selections of putting together your dream yacht, our legal advisors make sure that all necessary surveys and contracts are placed correctly so that you’re never confronted with unpleasant and needless paperwork.

From Admirer to Owner:
The 7 Crucial Steps

All the benefits. Reduced costs


7Pines Kempinski Yachting co-ownership combines three essential advantages; reduced purchase and maintenance costs, full yacht management by our team of experts and guaranteed
weeks on board your yacht during the most popular season.

Due to shared expenses, you can become a yacht owner while enjoying a discount of up to 75% of the regular cost of acquisition and maintenance compared to sole yacht ownership.

Up to four different co-owners are able to share the costs and all will receive guaranteed usage and fair distribution of weeks on board during the peak European yachting season.

The advantages of 7Pines
Yachting co-ownership concept

Full Ownership
Fractional Investment
Full service
Income from chartering
Assured use
Cost proportional to usage
Full individual personalization


Often, there can be extensive hidden acquisition and maintenance costs associated with yacht ownership, including personnel, marina fees, insurance and further management. With our 7Pines Kempinski Yachting co-ownership model we can offer you tailor-made, transparent ownership solutions with shares ranging from 25-75%. While enjoying full conveniences of the yacht, your costs will be reduced proportionally to your share size.

You may sell your share at any time and only a yearly fixed management fee applies. For the model Pershing 74, this fee starts from 228,000 EUR. Assuming a 25% stake, this translates to a yearly fee of 57,000 EUR.

The annual yacht management fees cover technical maintenance, cleaning, crew provision and management as well as insurance and marina contributions.

Co-owners will be responsible for some variable costs accrued during their time on board, including fuel, meals on-board and transit port fees.

Pershing 74
Sole ownership (100%)
Co-ownership (75%)
Co-ownership (50%)
Co-ownership (33%)
Co-ownership (25%)
Standard list price
3,350,000 €
2,512,500 €
1,675,000 €
1,105,500 €
837,500 €
Option prices
450,000 €
337,500 €
225,000 €
148,5000 €
112,500 €
Total Yacht price1
3,800,000 €
2,850,000 €
1,900,000 €
1,254,000 €
950,000 €
Guaranteed annual use
28 weeks
21 weeks
14 weeks
8 weeks
7 weeks
All in management fee per year2
228,000 €
171,000 €
114,000 €
75,240 €
57,000 €

All costs are exemplary and non-binding
1 Including discount, construction supervision & coordination, consignment, handling of registration & legal requirements, excluding VAT
2 Including crew provision, home port and winterization costs, technical maintenance & clean-up, insurance, overall yacht management & concierge service

Personalise your yacht

The 7Pines Kempinski Yachting management team and all on-board staff are succumbing to ensure that your stay on board matches your personal preferences and is as private and individual as possible.

This service includes flexible placement of all your favourite clothing, personal hygiene articles, blankets and pillows, interior design articles, such as art works and other movable elements, your favourite food, beverages and even cigars on the yacht. And of course, we will also happily storage your belongings accordingly when you are not on board.

Enjoy your time at sea

Your time on board is dispersed over the main European travel season, lasting
from April to October, the two busiest months being July and August.

  • › 25 % ownership guarantees 3 weeks before,
    2 weeks during and after the busiest months
    7 weeks in total
  • › 33% ownership guarantees 3 weeks before,
    3 weeks during and 2 weeks after the busiest months
    8 weeks in total
  • › 50% ownership guarantees 6 weeks before,
    4 weeks during and 4 weeks after the busiest months
    14 weeks in total
  • › 75% ownership guarantees 9 weeks before,
    6 weeks during and 6 weeks after the busiest months
    21 weeks in total

7Pines Kempinski Yachting manages a fair and transparent booking system, which guarantees
a structured booking process and equitable distribution of time spent on
board for all owners of a yacht.

The larger your share of ownership, you can both spend more weeks on board
and benefit from more flexible booking periods.

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