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7Pines Kempinski Yachting will not only guide you in the choice, design and build of your yacht but offers a comprehensive yacht service that includes management, charter and a concierge service operating from 7Pines Hotels and Resorts.

Yacht management and maintenance

Our management team consists of experts in all required fields, who will make sure that all aspects of your stay on board are coordinated and harmonized.
Our passionate staff will take care of all technical maintenance and clean-up when you are not on board, including safe mooring in the best marinas. Further, all paperwork regarding insurance, human resources, taxes, accounting, legal structures and registration will be managed by our professionals.

When you are on board, our experienced and well-trained chefs and service members (coming directly from our 5* hotels) will provide excellent service and provide for the needs of you and your loved ones.
Last but not least, our 24-hour concierge service is there for you at all times – taking care of travel planning, logistics and any other needs.

All that you have to do is get comfortable and enjoy a marvellous time on your yacht.

Charter your yacht when you' re not on board

7Pines Kempinski Yachting offers a charter management program that allows owners to charter their Yacht when not in use. As we have existing charter services in our resorts, it is seamless to integrate your yacht into our existing fleet. Your yacht will be maintained and cleaned and will produce charter income, which you
may use as a straight reduction of your annual management fees.

Our charter services include:

›› Direct client marketing in our resorts
›› Scheduling and operational management
›› Maintenance and cleaning
›› Accounting and tax management
›› Charter income can offset your annual ownership or co-ownership fees

Crew management at its best

Due to our experience in the worlds of yachting and five-star hotel management, we are confident that we can provide firstclass staff recruitment and employee management for all owners. Not only do we hire and manage for you, but we also further develop the skills of our crews through continuous training
and professional development. In addition, all contracts, payroll and other legal work will be assumed by our HR experts.

Long-term employment with our staff will ensure a lasting relationship between owners and crew and guarantee that staff members are attuned to all your personal preferences while you are on board.

The 7Pines Kempinski Yachting Concierge

Our 7Pines Kempinski Yachting concierge service can cater to the most exacting demands and fulfil almost any requirement. Whether it’s the planning of an individual excursion, organising a special event on board, arranging transfers or anything else we can do to make your time on board more memorable, the 7Pines Kempinski Yachting Concierge Service will handle everything for you.

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